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We know that every wedding is unique and every budget is different.

It’ll be our pleasure to completely customize a wedding package for you that exceeds your expectations and your dreams!

For “off-season” and Friday dates,  we offer a one photographer package for as little as $1395, an A La Carte coverage starting as little as $790 and a discount on our most popular two-photographer packages.

Our two-photographer investment starts at only $1895.00!

We’d love to custom design a package for you. We’ll even create it and email it to you saving you a tremendous amount of time.

You can start the process right now buy clicking here -> SEND ME A QUOTE!



Exquisite Four Decade Reputation

If you’ve done any homework at all investigating wedding photographers or if you are a native Cincinnatian, you already know of our superb four decade reputation for providing superior high quality creative story-telling wedding photography for Southwestern Ohio’s most discriminating couples. You probably already know friends and family who have used us before and know our strong commitment to quality, creativity and customer service.

We are on the vendor referrals lists of most of Southwestern Ohio’s nicest and most popular venues and we’re recommended by the finest wedding planners.

We have won numerous awards from The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers Of Ohio, etc.

We are members of “The Professional Photographers of America” & “Portrait and Wedding Photographers International”.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We’re not your Uncle Harry, not a friend of your sister who has a new digital camera nor we amateur weekend wedding photographers.

We don’t meet you at Starbucks since we don’t actually have a real business.

WE’RE THE REAL DEAL and we treat you like you’re our one and only client.

We give you our HEARTS & SOULS and exceed your expectations.

WE DON’T HAVE TO PROVE OURSELVES as our reputation has usually preceded us!

Our Wedding Philosophy


The style of photography you will receive will be a blend of your wedding vision with our creativity and expertise.

Out style is candid, casual and contemporary while still attending to those very important “have-to-have” images we all want and need.

While we welcome and expect our clients to be open to our creativity, shots suggestions, location & background suggestions, etc., we welcome client input in all forms including the use of PINTEREST.

Organization is extremely important to us. That’s why, several months before the wedding, we will meet in our studio and together create a perfect wedding day timeline, leaving time for everything you need including the FUN!

We Send Two Photographers Trained By Ron Shuller

You get two staff photographers trained by Ron Shuller.

One photographer attends to the “have-to-haves” while the other photographer stays in the background recording all of those little moments, candids and important details.

Our Staff Is Made Up Of Only (Senior) Photographers

We are extremely proud of our staff of extremely experienced senior wedding photographers, all trained and monitored by Ron Shuller personally  They are some of the most CREATIVE and FUN people in the industry. They love creating exquisite story-telling photography that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

They have WONDERFUL personalities, love what they do and are a pleasure to be around.

They pride themselves in offering creative suggestions on type of shots, the best backgrounds and putting you at ease.

Our extremely experienced staff has been a combined total of over 150 years in wedding photography

They are true professionals!

Not only do they know what they’re doing but they know how to “nicely” take charge on your wedding day to get all of your “have-to-haves” finished quickly and efficiently to keep your day on schedule.

You Select The Photographers You Like The Best

View the work from those photographers who are available for your wedding date and then select the senior team whose work you like the best.

Meet Your Photographer

If you wish, a meeting can be set up to meet your primary photographer as soon as possible so that you can share your vision and ensure a perfect fit.

You Receive All Of The Photographer Time You Need In Most Cases

We provide wedding-day coverage from getting-ready through most of the reception.  Since every wedding is different, the amount of hours of photographer time that is included will vary from wedding to wedding.

We will assess your needs and help you plan out your day with no worry (in most cases) of running out of photographer time. Up to 13 hours can be included.

You Get The Digital Files

You get the files and you own rights.

The files are presented on a USB Flash Drive along with a Copyright Release proving you own the files.

Included are tips-and-hints on printing and selecting labs that will do a great job when you do the printing yourself.

There is no text or watermarks on the files.

The Files Are Completely Edited!

We spend a considerable amount of time after the wedding editing, color correcting and exposure correcting so the files will not only look great but will print great.

The Files Are Maximum Resolution

The files are maximum resolution so you can print the same sizes we can print including large wall sizes with excellent quality.

No Limit To The Number Of Shots Taken

We don’t want to miss anything, so we take an unlimited number of shots.

The exact number of shots varies depending on many factors such as how many hours are used.

For two-photographer packages, you can usually expect between 500 and 1200 or more images.

No Limit To The Number Of Wedding-Day Locations

Wouldn’t it be fun to go to several Cincinnati parks along the river on the day of the wedding? How about Fountain Square, P&G Park, Eden Park, The Banks or anywhere else?

It’s not a problem because there are no limits to the number of Cincinnati locations you can use that day.

Because we help you create a wedding-day timeline, we include all of the time you need.

Pre-Wedding Organizational Meeting

One of the cornerstones of our great four decade reputation is our strong commitment to being extremely organized on your wedding day.

And, although we will offer many wonderful suggestions, ideas and tips, we need to create a plan of where you want to go for photos, which ones you would like to do “before-the-ceremony”, which ones you want to do afterwards, what are your “have-to-have” images, what are your “wish-list” images, etc.

Therefore Ron Shuller meets with your personally in our Cincinnati studio about 2-3 months before the wedding to give you the benefit of his four decades of experience by helping you create a flawless wedding day timeline.

Not only will we include all of the time you need for the images requested, we’re even going to add a chunk of time to make sure you get the “FUN”.

Engagement Sessions

We offer two kinds of engagement sessions depending on your needs.

If you need a good image for a “save-the-date” product or a sign-in board or so your parents have a great shot of both of you, you may interested in our NO CHARGE Engagement Mini-Session.  In the good weather months, we will take you around the corner to our “private-little-park”, take 20 to 30 shots and you select the one best shot.  You will receive your one favorite pose as a maximum resolution digital file with no text or watermarks, you own the rights and you can print any size with excellent quality.

On the other hand, if you would like an on-location session with hundreds of files taken, you may be interested in our Deluxe E-Session.  This hour and a half FUN session can be done at any Greater Cincinnati location.  Multiple locations may be used.  Changes of clothing are encouraged.  Bring you dog. Bring your child. We take hundreds of files and you receive the entire set as maximum resolution digital files with no text or watermarks, you own the rights and you can print any size with excellent quality. The price for this Deluxe E-Session is only $495.00 but may be included FREE OF CHARGE if you meet the qualifications of our 1st VISIT SPECIAL OFFER outlined in this price list.

Wedding Mini-Montage

Instead of merely forwarding your entire gallery link to all of your friends to view the hundreds and hundreds of wedding images, many of which will be very similar, we are very happy to produce an on-line 3-minute, 30-image mini-montage telling the story of your entire wedding day. With just a few clicks you can share this wonderful multi-media show on FACEBOOK. It’s great for out-of-town relatives who couldn’t make it in for the wedding and others who don’t want to sort through hundreds and hundreds of similar shots.

No Books Are Included But Can Be Added
Add-On Products & Service
“No-Booth Photo-Booths”

As you may be aware, that there are several styles of photo-booths.

With the BOOTH system, two people get into a booth where a machine snaps four shots and spits out a strip of “passport size” images. However, if you want a photo of 14 people instead of two or want to make a print larger than “passport size”, you’re out of luck?  You can’t obtain either with the BOOTH system.

With our “NO-BOOTH PHOTO-BOOTH” there is no booth. Instead, we bring a 10 ft photo background to the reception that will allow groups of about 15 people or so easily.  A machine does not take the pictures.  Instead we provide a real person, a third photographer.  Instead of “passport size” images where you would need a magnifying glass to see the heads on a group of 10 people, we let your family and friends download printable files after the wedding which will print to 5×7 with excellent quality. They are welcome to print as many as they want.  The Bride & Groom receive all of the maximum resolution photo-booth files the same way they receive all of the wedding files so even larger prints can be made.

Price includes two hours, usually starting at the end of dinner.

The price for a two hour “NO-BOOTH PHOTO-BOOTH” is only $795.00 but may be reduced down to as little as NO CHARGE if you meet the qualifications of our 1st VISIT SPECIAL OFFER outlined in this price list.

Bride & Groom Books

We are extremely proud to offer a very wide selection of photo books for both the Bride & Groom and for parents, starting from only $695.00.

Our books are not like the cheap looking E-Books available on-line.  They are all custom designed by our in-house graphic designers who will help you create a design just for you.

We don’t select your images!

We offer Coffee-Table Books, Fine-Art Books and Flip Books in sizes from 8×8 through 12×12.

Parent Companion Books

When the Bride & Groom order a book, the cost of the designing of that book was included in the book price.

However, now that one book has been designed, to use that same design to create Parent Companion Books decreases the price of companion books considerably.

And, there is virtually no work on the part of the parents.

The price for Parent Companion Books start in the $395.00 range but one may be included at NO CHARGE if you meet the qualifications of our 1st VISIT SPECIAL OFFER outlined in this price list.

Our In-House Graphic Designers

When Bride & Groom books are purchased, we are very happy to include the services of one of our in-house graphic designers at NO CHARGE.

Our designers will take the images you’ve selected and include your personal preferences to create your unique and individualized visual storybook design.

We post the book design on-line for your approval and to which you can make changes.

In mid-level and upper level book styles, there is no limit to the number of changes you can make so that we can order your book after you’ve see it and love it.

In economy level books there is no charge for design creation but there is an extra charge for more than one design change.

Photo Thank-You Cards

So much more personal than a plain thank-you note on traditional stationery, our Photo Thank-You Cards are actually post cards with your favorite wedding pose on one side and your thank-you note on the other.

All of your family and friends will have a permanent and oh-so-personal memento of you and your groom from your wedding day to enjoy for posterity.


Our film philosophy is much the same as our wedding philosophy . . . it’s ALL ABOUT STORY-TELLING and it’s ALL ABOUT THE FUN!

DocFilm pricing varies depending on the number of wedding-day hours needed and the options selected.

DocuFilms start from only $1595 with smaller packages available for Friday and off-season dates.