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Ron-webI started my photography business many years ago, 43 to be exact.

At that time, things were quite different.  It was before “digital”, before automatic cameras, before the web.

In those days, to become a photographer required a large investment in equipment and a substantial amount of training.  After all, one had to learn photography, lighting, posing, layout and design, composition, organizing people and how to run a business.

Things are different now. No more film. Everything’s digital. The cameras are inexpensive and do most of the work for you. Most people don’t even bother learning photography or anything else I just mentioned.

It’s now quite easy to become a photographer because everyone’s doing it. From stay-at-home moms who want something to do on the weekends to people with successful 9 to 5 careers looking for a second income.

They buy a $350 digital camera, spend $150 on a ready-made web site and become “instant” wedding photographers overnight.

Need a wedding photographer?

I know someone who knows someone who just got a new camera.”

“My mother’s friend’s daughter is taking a photography course in school”. 

“I know a guy at work who photographed a wedding last month and he’s cheap”.

Is this who you want photographing your most important, once-in-a-lifetime event?

If you’ve done any homework at all investigating wedding photographers or if you are a native Cincinnatian, you already know of our superb four decade reputation for providing superior high quality creative story-telling wedding photography for Southwestern Ohio’s most discriminating couples.

You probably already know friends and family who have used us before and know our strong commitment to quality, creativity and customer service.

We are on the vendor referrals lists of most of Southwestern Ohio’s nicest and most popular venues and we’re recommended by the finest wedding planners.

We have won numerous awards from The Knot, Wedding Wire, The Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers Of Ohio, etc.

We are members of “The Professional Photographers of America” and “Portrait and Wedding Photographers International”.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We’re not your Uncle Harry, not a friend of your sister who has a new digital camera or amateur weekend wedding photographers.

We don’t meet you at Starbucks since we don’t actually have a real business.

WE’RE THE REAL DEAL and we treat you like you’re our one and only client.

Over the years, I have hired, trained and maintained a wonderful staff of extremely creative, experienced and talented people who are professional photographers in every sense of the word with a combined total of over 150 years in the wedding industry.

I have operated this successful business for decades and I’ll still be in business when your wedding rolls around.

We’re very different from other photographers from our style of photography & video to the way we run our business to my unique brand of wedding-day fulfillment.  And as a result, we’re able to eliminate so many common problems associated with other wedding photographers.

  • We are SUPER organized and we’ll “take-charge” in a real nice way to make sure the photos are done quickly and efficiently.
  • We’ll help you plan out your wedding day so it runs smoothly with no snags.
  • Our timeline will assure a “stress-free” and fun experience.
  • We won’t miss the important family groups because we didn’t know you wanted them.
  • We’ll get to know you and suggest shots, suggest backgrounds, suggest great photo locations and help you create wedding imagery that you’ll rush to share with all of your friends.
  • Instead of running out of time and missing the FUN, we’ll leave plenty of time especially for FUN!
  • It’s All About The Fun!

The biggest difference between us and every other photographer is the fact that you get “me”!

  • I’m the one you speak with and deal with from the initial phone consultation through delivery of your finished wedding book!
  • I’m the one who gives you the benefit of my 43 year experience in helping you create that wedding-day timeline, helping you avoid wedding-day problems and issues.
  • And although I may not end up being one of your wedding-day photographers, I guide through the process and ensure success!

We love what we do, love working with people, give you our HEARTS & SOULS and exceed your expectations.

Why do we do all of this?  It simple,  because my reputation depends on it.

Check out the wonderful RAVES that our clients have given us on The Knot, on Wedding Wire and on this site.

Become our next client and give us the pleasure and privilege of capturing exquisite wedding memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and have you become our next RAVE.

Now that you know a little about me . . . and about us, I’d love to know more about you!

Let’s talk!  Please call me personally any time at 513-948-1717.



Ron Shuller