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Preparing For Your Organizational Meeting

Before clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to be taken to our on-line Photographer’s Checklist, please read this important information!

As you know, the studio is very concerned about doing the best possible job for you at the wedding, doing our job as fast and efficiently as possible, and being organized so that you spend less time with the photography and more time enjoying the wedding. Contemporary wedding photography is all about story-telling, not how many posed shots you can take. It’s about taking fewer and fewer posed shots.

Since organization is the key to accomplishing all of this, our fast on-line WEDDING CHECKLIST has been developed.

At the bottom of this form is a link to our on-line Photographer’s Wedding-Day Checklist. Before completing that form, make a short list of your “have-to-have” posed shots. For reference, you may want to use the yellow copy that you may have received at the time of contracting as a rough draft.

Consult with all of the parents to include the poses they want. Please share with the parents the need for very few poses. Include their choices in your rough draft. Do not submit separate Checklists from each of the parents but combine everyone’s choices into one final form. When you are finished compiling your combined rough draft, click on the link below to complete the on-line form. Make sure you print out a copy of the on-line form for reference before clicking the SUBMIT button.

The key to obtaining the candid and photo-journalistic style of photography that you’ve seen in our sample albums and on our web site and the key to spending less time on posing is to keep your list of posed shots short.  The new style of photography is not about how many poses you can take, it’s about giving your photographers more time to tell your story!  To give you an idea, most couples check off only about 15 to 20 posed shots!

When considering the scheduling, unless you have a large time gap between your ceremony and the reception, remember that the studio prefers to do as many shots as possible BEFORE the ceremony, including the ones with the Bride and Groom together.  Having photographed thousands of weddings over more than 3 decades we know that if you take our advice . . .

  • You will enjoy the wedding a lot more.
  • You’ll not miss any of your reception.
  • Your guests will not have to wait for you.
  • You will increase your chances of getting all of the shots that you really want, especially a lot more of the most important ones of the Bride and Groom together. These are the ones that ALWAYS suffer when they are done after-the-ceremony. The Bride and Groom ALWAYS receive fewer and less creative Bride and Groom together shots when they are done after the ceremony!
  • You will be able to schedule more photography locations and may not run out of daylight.
  • The photographer will always be able to do a better job for you because after-the-ceremony, everything is ALWAYS rushed! There is no rushing before-the-ceremony because your schedule can start as early as you need.
  • Your photographs will always turn out better!

Because we sincerely want to do the very best job for you, we hope that you take our advice.

There is only one possible “negative” aspect to “seeing-each-other-before-the-wedding”.  In some scenarios, it causes you to need additional time beyond what may be included in your package.  However, the benefits as stated above, completely out-weigh the possibility of requiring additional time.

If you have not already done so, give the studio a call and make an appointment about two months before the wedding for the Organizational Meeting (Checklist Consultation).

Also, remember that there is always a payment due when you come in for the Checklist Consultation.  The amount of this retainer is the difference between the amount of your package (without Sales Tax) and the amount paid to date. Thank you for not bringing in children to this appointment!