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Our Engagement Story – Angela & Kyle

Kyle and I met while in college at Xavier University. We were both athletes and had many mutual friends.

We did not date in college but we remained friends even after we graduated in 2006.

Kyle took a job in Chicago and moved away for a little over a year and I stayed in Cincinnati to finish my Masters and begin my teaching career.

When Kyle finally moved back to Cincinnati we were reconnected through mutual friends and established a very close friendship. We began dating in 2009.

During the spring of 2010 I helped Kyle shop for his first house. After purchasing it we spent months renovating and decorating the house together.

On December 9, 2010 Kyle invited me to a “surprise dinner”. I was suspicious of this “surprise dinner” on a Thursday night and when we entered the restaurant my suspicions grew. We were seated at a quiet table and Kyle immediately noticed that there was wrapping paper underneath his dinner plate. When he showed it to the waitress she began to celebrate and explained to him that he had won a gift from the restaurant and would receive it at the end of the meal.

I immediately thought that Kyle had planned the entire thing and that the waitress would soon be bringing out an engagement ring.

As dinner proceeded I was getting more and more anxious and was surprised at how calm Kyle was. As it turns out, after dinner the waitress did bring a gift to our table. It was a wine bottle that was converted into a citronella candle. Apparently the restaurant has an Italian custom that in the month of December they give random Christmas gifts to those patrons who find wrapping paper under their plates. 

I quickly realized that a ring would not be presented at dinner! After dinner we decided that we were going to go to Kyle’s house and watch a movie. It was there that Kyle surprised me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He said that he planned on asking me at the house that we would live in and some day raise a family in. It was a very emotional and exciting moment for both of us and one that we will remember forever.

Throughout the years our love for one another has continued to grow. We constantly try to keep romance in our relationship. Kyle brings me flowers if he knows I am having a bad day and wakes up early on the weekend to make my favorite breakfast.I like hiding little notes and his favorite treats in his luggage when he travels for work. By making these small gestures we continue to remind each other of our love for the other person.