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Our Engagement Story – Megan & Cory

Well, we have one of those destiny stories.:)All a little cheesy… but bear with me.

During the summer of 2009 my friends and I would always go to this mexican restaurant, Fiesta Brava on Fields Ertyl, every Thursday. One night we were there, being particularly loud and obnoxious and there was a group two tables down. One of the guys was on his way to the bathroom and we stopped him and got a picture with him. Just to be funny. I thought he was kinda cute. We went on with our evening and never spoke again.

A few weeks later my friend Julie said that she was bringing her nephew into the bar I worked at because it was his 21st birthday!! The other bartender and I were excited and all for showing this kid a great birthday. He and a friend came and we met.
I didn’t really think too much of him, for I was a bartender, and Ii can’t focus on every guy that walks in.
Well, long story short, This particular guy got a little intoxicated and he was bold enough to ask for my number. For whatever reason I gave it to him. He apparently wrote his number down for me as well. The night ended.

The next day, in his drunken stuper he discovered he had LOST my number. He was super bummed and knew that I would never call him. Now, personally I don’t remember saving his number on purpose, or even thinking about him. But I did. I texted him the next day and asked how he was feeling.

For about a week, we texted a bit. I was not looking for anything serious. I was posting some pictures on facebook one day and I put on the picture taken at the bar that night with his random guy…. whom now looked verrrryyyy familiar. I texted him and asked if he had been to that mexican place and yadda yadda. … told him I think he was in my picture, and turns out it was him!!!

So, really we had met twice, and this guy just grew and grew on me…. until I fell in love.

I think the first week of us “dating” I got VERY sick. Basically a bad bad flu. But this new guy (Cory) came over every day and brought me soup and sat on the couch with me and let me cuddle on him. He rubbed my feet and we talked and talked. Im almost glad that we started out that way. And I must say I was very shocked and happy that I was so comfortable with him right off the bat. 

Cory told me that he loved me pretty early on in the relationship. However, I was still a little on guard, I was hurt very badly in a previous relationsip. But, as time went on and we became more and more fond of each other, I began to have the “love” feeling. My birthday is in November, and in 2009 my mom brought me to a Bengals game. We ended up having one extra ticket and instead of calling a girlfriend, I knew exactly who I wanted to be there with me. It was Cory. He came and we had a great time. At one point during the game, I looked at him and it couldn’t stay in my mouth any longer!! “I LOVE YOU!!” I shouted (we WERE at a football game!!) and its been that way ever since. So now we have a soft spot for when the Bengals play the Ravens!

In the summer of 2010 Cory and I went on a trip to Destin Florida with his family. The trip was great, had a nice relaxing time. The thing I didn’t know, was that Cory was hiding a diamond ring from me the whole time. I later found out he had it in his bag, in his shoe, in a cousins guitar case, everywhere! To keep it hidden from me.

One night he asked if I wanted to go down to the beach and hunt for sand crabs. We did. As we were walking along the beach, he asked if I loved him, distracted becasue I was looking for crabs, I responded “yes babe” (a little snippy, oops). He then asked if I loved him enough to marry him, and got down on one knee in the sand.I naturally began to cry like a baby!! After a few words and lots of tears later I said yes. The next morning we went to his grandparents condo I got to show my gorgeous ring off!! It was a great vacation!!:)

We have learned so much about each other in the almost 3 years since we’ve know each other. The good, the bad and the ugly. But we are a team that cant be torn apart. We have a strong bond and I am so happy to be marrying my best friend.