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Our Engagement Story – Megan & Bill

Billy and I have known each other for years. Since we both went to Ohio University and lived on the same street, we ran into each other fairly often, but we were merely acquaintances.

In early 2010, we kept running into each other around the Hyde Park area and started hanging out and doing things like going to Trivia Night at the E and having “Thirsty Thursday” margarita nights at El Rancho Grande restaurant. In May we had our first date at Arthur’s in Hyde Park Square.

Billy and I had talked numerous times before about the two of us not having enough pictures together. About two weeks before the proposal, Billy approached me and said he had an idea for an early Christmas gift.He told me he had arranged for us to go and get old-fashioned, Western-style pictures taken together as a silly and cute gift for our parents for Christmas. We would get all dressed up, take pictures, and then we could use the pictures for a Christmas card. This type of idea was right up Billy’s alley so I didn’t really think twice about it.

December 2nd came along, and I left school to meet Billy at a place in Mason, called Historic Expressions. Billy told me he had been working with the photographer, Nate, who had picked out outfits for us and was going to take pictures of each of us alone, and then together.

I walked into Historic Expressions and saw Billy all dressed up already getting his picture taken.
We were giggling and laughing about how silly we looked, (still not suspecting anything.) As Billy finished his pictures, I was getting dressed. After Billy was done, Nate took pictures of just me, and then got Billy back in the backdrop to take pictures of both of us together.

About ten minutes into our “couples” shoot, Nate finally said, “Well guys, I’m about out of ideas. Is there anything else you guys want me to do?” I quickly replied no because I was itchy in that dress and was ready to leave! Billy stopped me, and said, “Hold on… I’ve got something.” That’s when he got down on one knee and popped the question. I was so surprised, I don’t even think I answered him right away because I kept asking if he was serious, but– of course I said yes!

The background behind this, is that Billy used to joke about proposing at a Red’s or Bengal’s game on the jumbo-tron, which I was not okay with! I told him I wanted it to be just us, and very private. He said when he started really thinking about proposing, he thought it would be cool to get pictures of it, but had to come up with some creative way to do it. Looks like that was a success!:)