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Do not assume that we do business like any other studio.  Assume we do things differently!

General Questions

How long have you been in business?

We are very proud to be celebrating our 45th year as Southwestern Ohio’s Best Wedding Photographers.

Where are you located?

After 44 years on Reading Rd in the Reading Bridal District, we recently moved to a scenic Kenwood Townhouse Office. 

What are your hours of operation?

We are open BY APPOINTMENT but welcome appointments most weekdays, some weekday evenings and some weekends.

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Are you  rated with the Better Business Bureau?

We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To what do your attribute your excellent reputation & why do I hear your name everywhere?

Our reputation is built upon over four decades of thousands of happy couples. Because we’re also recommended by the major venues, the best vendors, exclusive bridal shops, our reputation usually precedes us!

Everyone in the wedding business knows and trust us.

Why do you offer Photography, Video & Photo-Booths?

There are three reasons.  

First, we’ve found that clients appreciate dealing with one company for multiple services.

 Secondly, by offering more than one service, we are able to bundle multiple services into one package saving clients hundreds of dollars.

Lastly, since we’re professional photographers & professional videographers, we can offer superior style and quality across multiple services.

Why do use the slogan “It’s All About The Fun”?

It’s not just a slogan.  We firmly believe that not only should the photography be fun, the entire wedding day should be fun and we are in a unique position to make sure the fun happens.

Ask people who have been in multiple bridal parties and you’ll hear that with many companies, the photography isn’t fun.  The reason is usually because most photographers are not very organized.  They do not work from photo checklists or custom timelines.  The result is that the photography is sometimes chaos and they run out of time before they can get to having fun.

Since we work from photo checklists and custom timelines, we leave time for everything including the fun! 

We’re super-organized and plan for all of the time you need.

How many photographers do you have & are they assistants or photographers?

We have 8 teams of photographers all trained by Ron Shuller personally.  They’re all senior photographers who have photographed hundreds of weddings are highly creative and fun.

They love what they do and it shows.

If we send an assistant to your wedding, it will be in addition to our trained professionals.

Who will be actually photographing my wedding & can I meet them?

It’s our pleasure to show you the work from the teams that are available for your date so you can select the team whose work you like the best.

Then, we are happy to set up a meeting with that team to make sure all personalities mesh.

Our photographers love meeting their couples in advance to develop an important rapport.


Why do you have a pre-wedding Organizational Meeting , create an wedding-day timeline and work from a photographer checklist?

Because we are super-organized, we only want to devote the necessary time to photography on your wedding day. That way, you can be at your wedding longer to enjoy it more.  We don’t want to bother you on the wedding day asking you who you want photos with and how many locations do you want to use, etc. And, we don’t want forget to photograph people that are important to you.

We meet with you several months before the wedding for an Organizational Meeting.  At this meeting you share your list of “have-to-have” shots from which we create a photographer checklist.

After we create that checklist, we use our four decade experience to tell you how long everything will take.  We then discuss which locations you wish to use, which shots you want to complete “before” the ceremony, which ones you want to do “after” the ceremony, what time you want to enter your reception, etc.

We use all of this information and together create a flawless wedding-day-timeline”.

Also, at this pre-wedding meeting, we can alert you to anything that we foresee as an challenge and address it in advance, not merely find out about it on the wedding day.

Why are you so up-front with your pricing?

For our entire career, we have published our pricing on-line and ask that you give us the chance to review it with you by phone before you make an in-studio consultation.  It’s because contrary to what you may have assumed (after hearing about our wonderful reputation, style and quality), we are actually extremely reasonable priced. We’re usually priced less than you expected.

Also, we respect your time.  We know how long it takes to research all of the vendors you will need.  So, whey have you come in to the office if for some reason you do not like our prices or the way we do business, etc.  We firmly believe that informing our potential clients about everything is advance of a face-to-face meeting, saves everyone precious time.

Therefore, we encourage our potential clients to do their homework in advance.  Give us a call at 513-948-1717.  We’ll discuss everything with you by phone.

The more you know about us, the more likely you will be to book with us.  It’s a win-win!

Why do you have “Special First Visit Pricing”?

For the simple reason that if you do your homework in advance, you will know on your 1st visit whether or not you want to book with us.

We respect your time as well as ours.  So, anything that can save time is a bonus. 

We know the frustration of having to sift through the mass confusion to find an experienced and reputable company for your photography, video and photo-booth needs. 

That’s why we don’t give you our BEST DEAL last . . . you get our BEST DEAL first! 

To make your buying decision easier and to save time for everyone, our published prices are already heavily discounted and are our BEST DEALS. When we custom design a package, it’ll also be our BEST DEAL!

So, check out as many photographers as you wish and do your homework before coming in to see us.

Call us in advance of coming in and we’ll answer all of your questions by phone.

If you book with us on your first visit, you’ll receive our BEST DEAL. It will not be honored at a later time.

Do you offer payment plans?

We know that planning a wedding is expensive and sometimes budgets do not allow for everything you might want. 

We want to work with you.  So, if you need special payment plans, we’re eager to help you.

Photography Questions

What’s the different in style between a 1-photographer and a 2-photographer photo coverage?

We think that wedding photography is no longer about how many people pose with the bride & groom.  Yes, those poses (those “have-to-haves”) are extremely important.

However, we also think wedding photography is all about “story-telling” and still getting the poses.

In a 1-photographer package, the photographer is so busy getting the “have-to-have” shots that very few candids or photo-journalistic ( story-telling) shots can be taken.  The 1-photographer package ends up being more of a traditional style coverage with mostly posed shots.

In a 2-photographer package, one photographer is assigned to do the “have-to-haves” while the other photographer is free to record the fun, the little moments that always are happening, the candids and all of the detail shots.  Photographer #2 is the storyteller.  The 2-photographer photo packages tell a story and still record the poses.


Why are your prices so reasonable?

This is a question that we hear so often.  To many people, given our reputation, quality, service, etc., they naturally assume that we are much more expensive.  

If you do your homework, you will quickly realize how reasonably priced we are.

The first reason is that we have (over 45+ years) learned how to efficiently use photographer time. Time is a major part of any package and if you use less of it, we can offer lower prices.

Also, we have a large staff and to keep them as busy as possible, we price much more fairly than others.

Lastly, we run an efficient ship!  We have systems in place that enable us to save time.  

Can you explain how 12 hours of photographer time is used?

The issue of time is one of our favorites because as we discussed in the previous question, if we can use less of it, we can offer lower prices.

Weddings are all different in the amount of photographer time that’s needed on the wedding day. A Catholic wedding may have a 1:30 PM ceremony and an 8:00 PM reception. They require a lot more photographer time than a ceremony and reception at the same location.

Also, since today’s wedding photography style is all about “story-telling”, we want to tell the entire story from getting-ready through the reception.  However, over the years we’ve learned that although most brides want coverage of getting-ready, they usually do not need 2 photographers while they’re getting ready.  Plus, after dinner at the reception, only 1 photographer is really needed to cover the last part of the reception.

Our 2-photographer packages include up to 12 hours of combined photographer time.  

Because you most probably do not need 12 consecutive hours of photographer time, we’ll help you stagger and overlap your 2 photographers to meet your needs.  With 12 hours included, it’s plenty of time for most weddings.

How many shots do you take at a wedding?

There is no limit on number of shots taken on your wedding day.  Sometimes we take 600, sometimes it’s 1000 and sometimes it’s more.  We just keep snapping until we’re finished.

And unlike many of the “new” photographers who then select the best 200 or 300 to show you,  with us you get “all” of the files.

Do I get the files and rights?

Yes, not only do you receive the files (all of them) but you also own rights so you can print them.

There is no text or watermarks on the files and they are maximum resolution which will allow you to print up to wall size with excellent quality.

The files are substantially edited for color correction and exposure correction so the files you receive will yield great looking prints. 

How soon after the wedding are the files ready?

Our goal is to deliver the files as fast as we can possibly can.

Keep in mind that professionally editing 600 to 1500 or so images takes many hours of time.

Our goal is to usually deliver in about 10 days to 2 weeks but it may take longer depending on our current workload.

Why do I keep hearing that your photographers are so organized?

That’s because they are!  Remember, having met with you for a pre-wedding organizational meeting, we have already discussed timing and developed a wedding day timeline.  This makes it very easy for the photographers to keep you on time.  The more organized we are, the less time the photos will take and the better time you will have on the wedding-day. And the more time you’ll have for FUN!

By being organized, the photographers can concentrate on taking great shots, using multiple backgrounds and doing things more creatively instead of rounding-up people and rushing to get you the reception.


Do you post the images on-line?

Absolutely!   All of the wedding images are available on-line for a period of 3 months.

Images can be viewed and ordered directly from the site.

What is a Mini-Montage?

In all 2-photographer packages we select about 30-40 images that tell the complete wedding day story.  

From these, we create a WONDERFUL video slide show set to music for you to post on-line.

Do you offer albums (books)?

Absolutely!  For over 4 decades we have specialized in custom book creation.  However, books are not automatically included and not required.

We’d love to create a book for you any time.

What is the difference between digital editing and digital retouching and which is included?

Remember, you will probably be printing from the digital files.

To ensure the best looking prints, we edit all of the images so that you have the best chance of obtaining great looking prints.

We professionally color correct and exposure correct the entire set. 

However, we do not retouch them. We do not automatically remove (retouch) blemishes, lines around or under the eyes, face-shine, change backgrounds, swap heads, open eyes, remove stray hairs, or any other type of retouching.

If you require any retouching, we are happy to obtain a price quote from our retoucher for your consideration. 

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Outdoor Engagement Mini-Session

For couples looking for a good image for either a “Save-The-Date” product or for a “Sign-In Board” or to give to the parents, we offer an Outdoor Engagement Mini-Session at no charge in all 2-photographer packages.  We take you on the beautiful grounds of our Kenwood Townhouse Office where we take 20 to 30 shots.  We then post those images on-line and you select the one best pose to be delivered as a maximum resolution digital file with rights to use any way you wish.

Outdoor Engagement Love Session

For couples wanting more than one engagement image and a much larger selection of shots and backgrounds. Includes up to about 45 minutes outdoors on the beautiful grounds surrounding our Kenwood Townhouse Office. We we take about 80 to 150 images including close-ups and full length poses. Includes ‘all” of the maximum resolution digital files with rights and no watermarks. 

Outdoor E-Session.

For couples wanting to utilize special locations in Greater Cincinnati.  Includes up to about 2 hours of photographer time at any Greater Cincinnati location(s) you wish. There is no limit to the number of shots taken.  We easily take several hundred images. Includes ‘all” of the maximum resolution digital files with rights and no watermarks.

 Photo Booth Questions

Do you use the “open” booth or the “closed” booth?

We offer “open” booths where we can photograph groups up to about 15 people.  

In addition, a machine does not take the shots,  we send a photographer. If you already have two photographers covering the wedding, then the photo booth photographer will be a third one dedicated only to the photo booth.

Do you make prints at the reception?

With our “Media PhotoBooth”, the answer is yes!  However, we do not make those miniature strips of 4 “passport” size images where the heads are so small that you can’t see them.  

With the “Media Photo Booth”, we print large 4×6 color photos for your guests to take home as a wonderful souvenir. Now you have all of your “wedding favors”.

With our “Simple Booth”, we do not print photos at the reception.  Instead, your family & friends can download files after the wedding that they can print up to 5×7.

Describe your “MEDIA PHOTO BOOTH”

Our media booth is like being on the “red carpet” at the Oscars. Most couples elect to have us create a custom “media background” just for them with their names and wedding date, just like it would be at a media event. 

Our photographer will photograph groups of up to about 15 people or so against a “Green Screen” background.  

After being photographed, the guests will proceed to our “Media Kiosk” where the photos will be on display.

From the kiosk, guests can order prints that will be ready as 4×6 photos in just a few minutes and/or elect to send a copy of the photo to family or friends by either email or text. In addition, photos can be posted to FACEBOOK or TWITTER directly from the kiosk.

Describe your other type of photo booth – The “SIMPLE BOOTH”

With our “Simple Booth”, a standard generic photo booth background is used.

Our photographer will photograph groups of up to about 15 people.

About a week after the wedding guests can view and download images they can print up to 5×7  themselves with quality.  

With our “Simple Booth”, no photos are printed at the reception.

Video Questions

Why are wedding videos so expensive?

Unlike the days when a videographer would tape an event and then merely hand you the tape at the end of the evening, everything today is digital.

In the simplest explanation, with digital, professional videographers take a series of short clips. 

Sometimes multiple cameras are used.

Many times, multiple audio sources are used.

After the wedding, a professional video editor creatively combines them together into a story after-the-wedding.

It takes a tremendous amount of time to do this “post-editing” which adds a considerable amount of time and cost.

Our video pricing is extremely reasonable compared to other video companies.

Why do you offer 2 types of video coverages?

For the very reasons related in the previous answer, with a long video story (45 minutes to over an hour), the tremendous amount of post-editing time required makes the price unaffordable to many couples.

Deluxe Video Coverages

Available starting with a minimum of 6 consecutive hours of videographer time at the wedding. Deluxe Video Coverages include up to 2 videographers, a long professionally edited wedding story varying in length from about 20 minutes to over an hour and a short 3 to 5 minute Highlight Video Story.

Economy Video Coverages

Starting with up to 5 consecutive hours of videographer time at the wedding from 1 videographer and only an 8 to 15 minute professionally edited Highlight Video Story, Economy Video Coverages required many fewer post-editing hours thus making this a much more economical alternative.

Do your videographers also do still photography?


Our photographers do photography and our videographers do video.

Our photographers DO NOT do photography part of the time and video part of the time like many “new” photographers do.

This way you get the best job on both services!

Why do your video stories look like many cameras and many camera angles were used?

Even if only 1 videographer covers the wedding, we always use more than one camera.

There is always a stationary camera recording while another camera is moving around using a variety of angles.

When combined together, this technique gives a much more professional look to the finished video stories.

Will I be able to hear the wedding vows during video coverage of the ceremony?


In an effort to obtain excellent audio during the ceremony, we do several things.

First, when permitted, we will tap into the church or venues soundboard to obtain the clear audio from not only the officiant’s microphone but also from the microphones recording audio from  speaker podiums.  

Please note that outdoor ceremonies and venues not equipped with sound systems may not be able to accommodate our request.

Regardless, we will always put a microphone on the Groom to get great sound of the vows.  That microphone should also clearly pick up the Bride’s voice and sometimes the officiant’s voice if the officiant is standing close to the Bride & Groom.