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Our Engagement Story – Jennifer & Reid


I met Reid through a mutual friend last summer in July and we really hit it off. Our first date was Kings Island, one of our favorite places. We both love roller coasters!

We took things slow and in October he asked me to be his girl friend by surprising me on my porch and playing the guitar with balloons. I will never forget it because he was playing Justin Beiber’s song-“Baby”. I laughed at first but it was so cute.

I’m the one who said I love you first. It was in December. I just couldn’t help but confess my feelings. He said it right back and that’s when I knew this guy was the one.

Reid and I are just so goofy and have so much fun together. We love to make each other laugh.  He always makes me laugh by the crazy things he says. We both love club dancing. We went out with my friends to a bar and started dancing and my friends just laughed and said you guys are made for each other. We both dance like crazy and do crazy moves.

 Reid is always so romantic by surprising me with flowers and homemade dinners or even breakfast with little sweet notes.

After several months he moved in with me. It was hard at first because I had to get used to a 90 pound black lab, which means black hair everywhere. Reid got to see my OCD side.

Reid usually works late at night. When he comes home I always have a homemade meal prepared and sometimes some beer.

My mom loves Reid. One time at dinner with my parents my mom asked if she could feel his muscles at the dinner table! I laughed so hard. I will never forget that. We still laugh about it. After the long winter and spring we took a vacation together to Cancun to an all inclusive resort. The whole time I was joking around and kept asking when he was going to put a ring on my finger.

Well I had no idea but he had a ring the whole time. He surprised me when we went for a long walk on the beach and found a cliff that over looked the beautiful crystal clear ocean. He asked a guy to take our picture and that’s when he proposed.

I was in shock! I said “Yes” right away. The guy that took our picture ending up taking many pictures of Reid proposing. People below in the water also clapped. It was the best day of my life. I will never forget it.

Our Cincinnati wedding is planned for October and we’re thrilled to have Ron Shuller’s Creative Images Photography as our photographers!