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Tips & Hints – Wedding Day Makeup – Making it Last!

(Guest Blogger: The Glam Fairy)

Alexa Prisco is the owner of “The Glam Fairy”, an on location bridal glamour service specializing in makeup and hair for brides.  Her business and personality have been nationally recognized with her new hit show “Jerseylicious” on the Style Network.

Every bride-to-be wants to be sure their makeup stays in one place on her wedding day.  Between heat, tears, rain, and lots of hugging, it’s easy for your makeup to smear and smudge and be gone before you even say “I DO”.  To help prepare you for the big day we have asked Alexa, of The Glam Fairy, to provide her top 10 tips for making sure your makeup lasts, and is photo-ready.

My Top Ten Makeup Tricks for your wedding day are as follows:

1. You want a great primer with a silicone base. Silicone fills in fine lines, wrinkles, pock marks, and blocks the sebaceous glands from producing oil so using that as an anchor underneath all the makeup makes sure it stays put all day.

2. Foundation: The biggest mistake that brides make on their special day is using a foundation that is not light responsive, meaning it is not absorbing and deflecting light in a way that makes you look great for photos.  You need a foundation that mimics the way light bounces on your regular skin so you always want to make sure your makeup artist or you do a test shot to make sure your foundation doesn’t drop any lighter than your normal skin shade.

3. Neutral shades for eyeshadow. No bright colors because you want your look to be timeless and elegant… so no matter how natural or dramatic you go keep it neutral!

4. Use water resistant mascara paired with fake lashes. Lashes come in all different cuts and styles so don’t think its automatic drag-queen if you wear lashes!

5. Use a little bit more bronzer and blush than you would normally think, because it wears off throughout the day!

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6. Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof. I like M·A·C’s Powerpoint Pencil, it’s amazing!  You have about 60 seconds of playtime until it sets and then it’s virtually waterproof and budgeproof.

7. Radiant glow… the skin should always have a nice fresh glow.  Products like M·A·C Strobe Fluid and M·A·C Mineralize Skin Finish, placed directly on the cheekbone give off a great cheek highlight

8. Prep the skin with a great moisturizer. I like La Mer.  Keeping the skin in tip top condition is key.

9. De-puff and cover dark circles. Fast Response Eye Cream from M·A·C is a great product to use the entire morning of your wedding.  It is pure caffeine so it immediately de-puffs and has a pigment that deflects light from dark circles so its my personal favorite.

10. Seal it. Get a sealing spray to set everything and make it stay all day long.  I love Motives 10 Years Younger Spray, Model in a Bottle, Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, and M·A·C Fix Plus spray.  It basically sets all your work and keeps everything from moving.
See more tips from Alexa from this NBC Clip, where she performs a full makeup demo.

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